Management Solutions

MVC has a reputable history in planning and executing end-to-end project management and merchandising solutions that include highly complex national and international projects in both formal and informal sectors. Our expert team is committed to ensuring your organisation achieves its objectives with excellence.

Comprehensive Consulting

MVC consults, plans and executes end-to-end project management solutions that include reports and access to our Live Data software in order to guarantee results and ensure you stay cutting-edge.

Divergent Thinking

At MVC Solutions we ensure you receive an end to end customer experience that not only prevents with project failures but instantaneously responds to project crises in order to avoid losses.

Streamlined Solutions

MVC’s project management services assist you in maintaining complete control over tasks allocated to your team through technology. Combined with our Live Data System, this ensures you stay informed throughout the process.

Bespoke Online Training

MVC’s Learning Management Software is a strategic, efficient system that takes the guesswork out of the hiring and training process by rolling out online training materials, assessments and surveys worldwide.

An End-to-End Client Experience

Value-Driven Solutions

MVC is committed to providing you with effective project management solutions. Our design and practice expertise ensure you receive the essential tools needed to accomplish your project objectives.

Review and Recovery

MVC Solutions aims to avoid project failures by consulting on areas of concern within your projects. Our reports include scope, resource availability and project controls. What’s more, we respond to project failures instantaneously in order to avoid losses.

Real-Time Monitoring 

MVC’s Live Data software solution allows you to monitor the progress of your projects in real time. With the added value benefit of daily, weekly and monthly reports to ensure you stay cutting edge.

Project Portfolio Management 

Experts in project portfolio management, MVC Solutions maximises your responsiveness, revenues and allows you the adaptability to monitor and control your project’s strategic objectives in real-time.

Resource Management Solutions

MVC’s long-standing relations with reputable suppliers and credited service providers ensure our solutions and products are provided with quality and value in mind.