Do you require global staffing solutions?

Offering you a turn key staffing solution, MVC procures experienced, skilled personnel for your international organisation. Not only do we assist you in the total management of your team but we help you avoid overheads and the admin nightmare that comes with staff exports.

As a BBBEEE level 2 company experienced across Africa, we are passionate about giving our staff the skills needed to develop into successful individuals as well as creating job opportunities worldwide.

From temporary to full-time staff, we are able to fulfill any staffing requirement globally by offering you a customised solution to all your  staffing requirements.

These can be industry-specific but also include:

  • Administration
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • System Administration
  • Promoters
  • Sales Representatives
  • Field Marketing Staff
  • Employee Benefits
  • Training
  • Global Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Merchandising

Total Management

MVC Solutions takes the logistics nightmare out of outsourcing staff globally. Offering an affordable total management solution that includes placing upskilled staff exports as well as covering all technicalities that may occur from training, visas and permits to flights and accommodation.

Countless Savings

At MVC we only provide you with upskilled personnel specific to your business, saving you time and money. What’s more our staffing services are fully customisable so you only pay for the work you need, when you need it.

Innovative Outsourcing

Stay cutting edge with personnel procured through MVC. We guarantee your team is skilled at what they do as well as ensure that they are trained and developed throughout their employment. All of which can be achieved and tracked through our Learning Management software.

Streamlined Solutions

MVC’s comprehensive staffing solutions assist you in maintaining complete control over tasks allocated to your team through technology. This combined with our Live Data System ensures you are kept up to date throughout the process and that you are able to monitor your staffs performance on a daily basis.

Why Outsource with MVC?

Proven Excellence

MVC has an outstanding track record when it comes to global staffing solutions. Whether you require professional personnel for permanent or fixed-term contracts, we source and export the perfect candidates specific to your industry.

Premier Procurement

MVC is committed to providing global organisations with individuals who are talented and skilled at what they do. Our elite service ensures that your recruitment process is handled from start to finish, from onboarding, relocations, retentions and more.

Performance Management

Our solutions are tailor-made to match your budget expectations and drive accountability through the line. This includes daily objectives and correct performance criteria for the personnel we place and export which you can track via our Live Data System.

Tailored Solutions

MVC fulfils a comprehensive global human resource and consulting service that is project-based and fully customisable to your requirements. This ensures that your needs are defined and your challenges are solved.