Dedicated to Problem Solving

MVC Solutions is dedicated to providing you with problem-solving solutions via the aid of our innovative Live DATA and Learning Management software solution. Created to assist agents and representatives who call on clients for sales, support, competitor intelligence or quality assurance purposes, our system removes the headache of mundane admin and grants you the power to train, manage, locate and observe your teams tasks and progress.

Our Live Data System Offers You:

Integrated geolocation
Proximity management
Travel reports and planning
Bulk call planner
Customisable agent activities

Display and POP management
Training, store and staff details
Stock, sales and returns
Shelf share
Issue management


A Software Solutions For Cutting-Edge Organisations

MVC’s Live DATA system is provided by a pay-per-use basis and can be tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements. Not only do we host and operate your software for you but through the use of our technology, you minimise costs and extinguish the requirement for unnecessary technological resources and infrastructure.

Easily accessible from anywhere via your web browser or the mobile app, our software is used by organisations across Africa, Europe and the United States. What’s more, we operate a number of hosted applications including Pocket RSVP and MVC’s Field Marketing System.

Use Our Live Data System For:

      • Stock counts
      • Marketing material placement
      • Competitor reports
      • Detailed picture reports
      • GPS tracking
      • Workforce performances
      • Distribution
      • Customised reports
      • Customer surveys
      • Price checks
      • Returns reports
      • Store readiness checks
      • Scheduled deliveries
      • Project performances
      • Workforce database
      • Registration platforms
      • Workforce communication tools
      • Workforce KPI’s

Simplify Training with Our Learning Management System

MVC provides in-depth training to qualified candidates through our Learning Management System that involves a thorough understanding of your objectives, your organisations ethos and work environment, as well as our hands-on Live Management System, enabling you to track and monitor performances during each project cycle.

Specifications of Our Learning Management System:

Cloud Based

No need to install, upgrade or backup anything.

Self Hosted

Building blocks like Branches and Single Sign-On (SSO) that fit your extended learning enterprise. A secure and encrypted channel for all data communication.

Mobile Application

Built with new technology to work with modern mobile devices.

White Labelled

Customise your domain, logo and theme to fit your corporate CI.

Pay Per User

Billing includes active users every 30 days with a standard user template uploaded every 30 days to accommodate any user changes or additions.

E-Wallet Function

Trainees receive credit for passing tests which is paid via an e-wallet and claimed through the product basket in the form of vouchers.


Gamification elements allow for healthy and engaging competition among learners.


Any language can be adapted and available to the LMS application.

Fully Customisable

MVC has in-house developers who can tweak and add any functionality that the client may require.

Unlimited Content and Assessment Capabilities

Create downloadable custom tests and surveys with unlimited questions and answers.

Push and Pull Functionality

Built-in ticketing system to track all issues and communication between trainers and trainees.

Mass Training

Deliver easy-to-digest information that allows your employees to learn from anywhere at any time through their smartphones. Our software incorporates a flexible self-paced training approach that empowers your employees while minimising your costs and the complexity of training.